Red Guava Rich in Benefits

Red guava, plants that can be planted in the field / fields are many branching shrubs. Usually people like soft flesh, thick, sweet taste, and have little seed. Vitamin A compared to other types of fruit such as sweet orange. 2x-fold guava vitamin C content. Vitamin C in guava is very good as an antioxidant. Most are concentrated in the skin and the flesh is soft and thick on the outside.

Red guava is best consumed when the fruit is ripe because at that time the vitamin C content is high. In addition to vitamin C this fruit is also rich in fiber, especially pectin (water soluble fiber) which can be used as a gel or jelly.

Where the other benefits of pectin are to lower cholesterol, which is to bind cholesterol and bile acids in the body to help with their expenditure. In addition, it can also reduce total cholesterol and blood triglycerides and blood pressure in essential hypertensive patients.

Guava reduces the risk of heart disease by 16%, because it contains potassium which functions to increase the regularity of the heart rate, activate muscle contraction, regulate the delivery of other nutrients to the body’s cells, control fluid balance in the tissues and cells of the body. Guava which is processed into juice is often used by people with dengue fever to increase platelet levels.

In guava there is also lycopene which is a potential non-nutrient other than fiber. Lycopene is caratenoid (an important pigment in plants) contained in the blood, and has anti-oxidant activity. This guava also has the effect of providing protection to the body from several types of cancer.

Another benefit of frequent consumption of red guava fruit is that it can strengthen the body’s resistance to disease attacks, improve the health of gums, teeth, and capillaries and help iron absorption and wound healing, while also functioning as an anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal and stop bleeding.

Guava can be consumed directly but more delicious guava is processed into juice. Because with processed juices, the seeds in the fruit can easily be removed. Those are some of the benefits of red guava. Hopefully it can make the spirit to consume it.…

Tips for Starting a Successful Business Restaurant

Work is an economic demand that must be carried out to meet daily needs. But work that is very time-consuming will actually distance ourselves from close friends and family. Besides that, there are many demands for this without our liking. Even in the mind of appearing an idep cannot be channeled.

Work as we will bring new problems as long as we work in a place that is not our own. For that, what is wrong with us trying a home business that we can manage as we like and want us to. Opening your own business is not easy because to achieve success in a business there are many various obstacles that will be encountered in the middle of the road. But if we are resilient, disciplined, have a strong motivation and always learn from failure will undoubtedly lead us to greater success.

Before opening a business, we should think about what business we want to open and what steps to take. If opening a restaurant business that must be prepared is:

  1. House condition Houses must be comfortable and try to be free from noise and air pollution of vehicle fumes, and free from odors.
  2. Services must satisfy customers such as how to prepare dishes, cutlery must be kept clean, service must be friendly to consumers.
  3. Conduct publications, for example by approaching private drivers of officials, businessmen, and so on. It is expected that the driver will tell his superiors. This is one form of word of mouth promotion that is felt to be very effective.
  4. Diligently distributing brochures containing menus, prices, other services around the residence.
  5. Use a small / medium space from all parts of your house, so that it seems crowded visitors. So invite other people to stop by your place.
  6. If the house is not located on the roadside, then create a typical menu that is rarely sold elsewhere.
  7. If you want to sell traditional food, create a rural atmosphere, starting with the arrangement of rooms to cutlery.
  8. Offer prices that are cheaper than other places, of course, by not ignoring the taste.
  9. Create various types of food and beverage menus so that those who come have many choices.

Those are some steps that can be taken to start a restaurant business. Do not let us misstep, which can cause harm to our business. May be useful.…

Traditional Medicine Cures Gout

Walking is an activity that we must live in our lives a day, whether we are exercising, shopping, or doing our daily activities at home. The walk feels good when the two legs don’t experience the slightest disturbance. Disorders that usually occur in the legs are usually pain.

We sometimes ignore the pain if walking is the main demand for a job because the pain comes away. We can feel the usual pain, but if the feeling hurts to the knee, try testing in the laboratory.

If high levels of uric acid can attack gout. Uric acid levels are normally 2-5 mg%. If such activity becomes disturbed, patients can only lie down because to wake up the pain is so whacking, you should stop consuming melinjo, cabbage, and other high protein foods.

Gout can occur due to the effects of kidney disorders because the use of drugs is too long for other diseases such as rheumatism. Unlimited use results in kidney damage due to poisoning from chemical drugs. From examinations usually given various types of drugs to overcome them. The medicine must be taken continuously because if it is not drunk the bone joints will return to throbbing.

Taking drugs is very reasonable to treat an illness. But if you consume it in the long term / many years it will cause other effects such as pain in the stomach aka mag, the digestive system is disrupted, such as every meal of the stomach rice feels bloated and swollen and difficult to defecate. Gout that does not heal / chronic can produce a verdict of bone cancer.

If you use chemical drugs that have not been cured, the alternative alternative is to try healing with traditional medicines. The following recipes can be tried to cure gout. Materials that need to be prepared are:

  1. Bitter leaf
  2. Tempuyung
  3. Cushion
  4. Cat whiskers
  5. Consideration
  6. Gotu Kola

(each material was taken 1 handful plus 2-3 sizes of thumb add 3 liters of water).


All ingredients are boiled. Leave it to half. Cooking water is taken 3 times a day, 1 cup each.

Thus alternative medicine to cure gout, hopefully useful.…

Sex Benefits for Health

Sex, maybe many of us who see it is only a mere fulfillment of needs. Some even consider it a taboo thing to talk about. But it turns out that sexual activity has benefits that can improve the quality of life and health, both physically and psychologically.

Good, right and regular sex activities will get various benefits. It is not mere talk, but is the result of research supported by scientific evidence. Here are some of the benefits that can be gained from sex activities, including:

Can increase self-confidence

Because good and true sex activities are what can make them feel satisfied so that his life feels happy which impacts on self-confidence

Endurance increases

Good sexual activity can indicate good physical health. All of that if the quality of sex together is prioritized / reaches orgasm. Because orgasm can increase the number of cells that block infections by 20%. Because if sex is done once / twice a week can increase antibodies called immunoglobin A or Ig A. Which can protect our bodies from flu attacks and infections.

Relieves stress

According to published research concluded that routine sex activity can be associated with low diastolic pressure. In addition, according to other research, the main benefits of sexual activity are being able to reduce blood pressure and when making a bonding hormone (oxytocin) which is often associated with a life increase of up to 7 years. Functioning oxytocin can also encourage longevity and tend not to be susceptible to chronic diseases and depression.

Can burn calories

Sex activities that can reach 1x orgasm can flood the body with chemicals. If you have sex for 13 minutes. It can burn about 85 more calories. This amount may not be much, but if it is counted if done at least 42x in one dollar (once a month) means that it has burned 3,570 more calories than enough to reduce the ½ kg body weight.

Can nourish the heart and blood vessels

According to researchers doing sex 1/2 times a week can reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks by 50% in men, compared to those who have sex less than once a month. Besides making love at least once a week will maintain hormones, heart and brain in the best condition. Although there is a worrying myth that the energy released during sexual activity can trigger strokes, according to the study, the assumption is not true.

Can improve intimacy

Good sex will make couples feel satisfied and happy. Besides doing sex and orgasm will increase the hormone oxytocin or also called the hormone love / hormone bonding.

Improve sleep quality

According to research, oxytocin released during orgasm can stimulate drowsiness. That way sleep is enough. Health will also be better because blood pressure and weight are maintained.

Can reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Sex activity can be used as an instrument to protect men and women from cancer. A researcher revealed that regular ejaculation will reduce the risk of prostate cancer in the elderly. For women who are diligent in making love are at less risk of developing breast cancer.

Reduce pain

The hormone oxytocin can have a subside effect from headaches / arthritis or premenstrual symptoms after sex. Even though sexual activities have many benefits, it would be good for those who are married.

That is the benefit of sex for health, hopefully it is useful for couples to increase knowledge about sex.…

Benefits of Avocados for Skin Health

Avocados contain a little vitamin A and chlorophyll, but in the fat there is a lot of vitamin E stored. The combination of vitamin A, chlorophyll and vitamin E as anti-oxidants can keep the skin looking supple and fresh even though it has aged. And for those who diligently consume can avoid cancer.

Avocados are a type of fruit that can be categorized in fruit forming bases where food / fruit forming bases can protect cells – the body’s cells from free radical attacks. So it is not easily damaged which affects the face to look young.

In addition to the benefits of avocados can be for patients with less blood (low HB) because in avocados there are iron and copper which play an important role in the formation of fresh blood and prevent anemia due to lack of iron, magnesium and potassium can help maintain bone health.

Besides that the content of folic acid in avocados is very beneficial for the fetus, so this fruit is very good for mothers who are pregnant to keep the brain and spine from growing perfectly. Avocados also contain another vitamin B complex that stores vitamin B 6. Vitamins are very important for controlling nervous system function. Because if the concentration of vitamin B six is ​​low it will lead to nausea – nausea in pregnancy.

New facts have found that avocados are full of glutathione, which is a natural non-nutritional phytochemical compound that is efficacious as a powerful antioxidant that repels various cancers. Especially cancer of the mouth and throat and prevent heart attacks. The content of glutathione in avocados is 3x compared to bananas, apples, cantaloupe and grapes.

Avocados also contain beta sitoterol, a chemical phyto compound that can function to normalize bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and total blood fat in the body. Avocados are not good if taken for granted because the taste is not sweet. If you want to consume, you should make juice.

Avocado Juice Recipe

The main ingredient:

  • 2 pieces (360 grams) of avocado, dredged
  • 200 ml of cold sweet soy milk
  • 200 grams of shaved ice

Supplementary material:

  • 4 tablespoons of sweet white condensed milk

How to make:

  • Blend avocado, soy milk and shaved ice until soft
  • Serve with sweet white condensed milk

It turns out that avocados provide enormous benefits for our body. For that, don’t be reluctant to eat it. Moreover, those of you who are pregnant diligently consume avocados because they can prevent nausea from cravings. So some of the benefits of avocados, hopefully useful.…

How To Make Tasty And Correct Risoles

If it’s still lacking what snack box do you want to fill? risoles the right choice as contents. Because in addition to taste good, these snacks are liked by almost all people, both young and old children. It is also suitable for food snacks in any event, risoles as well as how to make it is not difficult and complicated.

Risoles will taste good if the way they are made is good and correct. Following are the steps that must be considered if you want to make tasty and correct risoles:


Risoles leather is very simple. Consisting of flour, eggs, and solution. The solution used can be water, it can also be a solution that uses milk. If you want to add flavor, you should use the milk solution, because risoles will be soft, soft, and moist. Good skin risoles are dough must be runny and slippery so that the skin becomes thin and supple, if the bergerindil the dough should be filtered.

Realize risoles

It’s good when you use the Teflon pan and spread the oil / margarine at the beginning of the awareness.

Wrap risoles

The content dough is placed in the middle, folding the left and right sides first and then the bottom. After that roll. Do not forget to glue it with a flour solution so that when it is fried it does not open / open.

Heated up

Can melt with a solution of flour / egg white and then rolled in panir flour. If you want a flat and not bald paniran – bald baldness can be done twice. Before paniran fried, let stand for a moment so that it sticks properly.


When you want to fry it is better to use a flat pan, and also too much oil. Heat the oil until it is rather hot, the goal is that the mixture is not fried too long, just as long as it makes it brown and fried with risoles for too long, the risoles may break.

That is the step – steps that must be considered to make tasty and correct risoles. May be useful.…

Tips for Overcoming Difficulty to Eat Children

Children aged 1-5 years are usually very difficult when told to eat, because children want to always play and move a lot. This condition no doubt makes dizzy parents.

Below, we will explain some tips that parents can do so that children want to eat:

  1. Applying a child with the Son’s family usually has a tendency to imitate. With a child seeing both his parents or family eating, the child will be attracted to eat.
  2. Avoid children eating too much snacks Snack given to children is not too much, because this will result in the decline of the child’s appetite.
  3. Give food that children love The first thing a child sees when told to eat is a menu. Now as parents, we must be smart to serve food that children love.
  4. Make children feel happy first before eating The food menu that is served can be a means to ask children, because by interacting children will feel happy. For example, the menu served is vegetable broccoli, we can ask what color is the vegetable.
  5. Create food creations The form of food resembles a character or animal, so children are interested in eating it.
  6. Variation of food Give a variety of foods, so that children do not feel bored.
  7. Invite children to make food In this way, children will feel like tasting the dishes that he made.
  8. Feed children to feed children and let children play while eating, so children do not feel disturbed when playing.
  9. Give food in small portions When providing children’s food, make it a habit to give food in small portions but in frequency more often.
  10. Parents must be more patient Whatever the conditions and however the child’s attitude when told to eat, parents must be patient. Because children want to eat or not depend on us as parents.

So some tips that can be used to overcome children who have difficulty eating. If the child still does not want to eat, and we worry about the growth of the child, then immediately contact the pediatrician. Hopefully it can be a reference for parents who have children who have difficulty eating.…

6 Benefits of Walking for Health

Modern times like now people are facilitated with modern tools. All work and daily activities all use machines. Sometimes we don’t realize that the device triggers an illness for our body, because the body has no activity so that calories don’t burn, the body’s metabolism decreases.

Unlike our ancestors. They are still healthy, they are rarely affected by diseases like today. Walking is their daily activity and it turns out to bring benefits that are very good for health, some of the benefits of walking include:

  1. Reducing the risk of a heart attack, because walking quickly has benefits can facilitate blood flow into the coronary heart, so that oxygen sufficiency of the heart muscle is fulfilled and the heart muscle is maintained to still be able to beat.
  2. Avoid strokes. Despite the benefits of walking on stroke the effect is not as real as that of a heart attack, but according to various sources, walking can also prevent us from strokes.
  3. Stable weight, because by walking regularly the body’s metabolic rate increases so that the number of calories wasted, calories burned, so that weight gain does not occur.
  4. Prevent diabetes. Getting used to walking around 6 km / hour, with a travel time of 50 minutes turns out to delay / prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. Especially in those who are obese.
  5. Prevent osteoporosis, especially walking at the time of the morning because while walking our bodies are exposed to sunlight containing vitamin D. In addition, accompanied by enough extra calcium.
  6. Relieves gout of the knee. When walking by using the right shoes, it is good to determine the quality of the cushion, besides adjusting the suitability of the anatomy of the foot.

That is the benefit of walking which is one way to maintain health easily and cheaply which has been proven since our ancestors.…

Lump On The Neck

Lumps in the neck can be categorized into ganglion disease. If you suffer from such a disease, you should not consume young and kluwih jackfruit. Reduce eating spicy and fatty foods.

Avoid heavy work such as washing, because when you squeeze the laundry it will feel tense on the hands, shoulders and neck pain. But there are traditional treatments that don’t cost too much.

Natural Medicine for Ganglion Disease
The traditional way to treat a lump in the neck or in the world of health known as the ganglion is as follows:


White meeting for duck eggs (1 seed)
Pulosari (one finger)
Aniseed (1/2 tsp)

How to make:

Peeled white meeting, then wash and thinly slice, boil with other ingredients with 4 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups. Drink twice a day in the morning and before going to bed at night (as many as ½ cup). Do routine until the lump doesn’t appear again.

That is one to treat a lump in the neck which is also known as a ganglion.…