6 Benefits of Walking for Health

Modern times like now people are facilitated with modern tools. All work and daily activities all use machines. Sometimes we don’t realize that the device triggers an illness for our body, because the body has no activity so that calories don’t burn, the body’s metabolism decreases.

Unlike our ancestors. They are still healthy, they are rarely affected by diseases like today. Walking is their daily activity and it turns out to bring benefits that are very good for health, some of the benefits of walking include:

  1. Reducing the risk of a heart attack, because walking quickly has benefits can facilitate blood flow into the coronary heart, so that oxygen sufficiency of the heart muscle is fulfilled and the heart muscle is maintained to still be able to beat.
  2. Avoid strokes. Despite the benefits of walking on stroke the effect is not as real as that of a heart attack, but according to various sources, walking can also prevent us from strokes.
  3. Stable weight, because by walking regularly the body’s metabolic rate increases so that the number of calories wasted, calories burned, so that weight gain does not occur.
  4. Prevent diabetes. Getting used to walking around 6 km / hour, with a travel time of 50 minutes turns out to delay / prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. Especially in those who are obese.
  5. Prevent osteoporosis, especially walking at the time of the morning because while walking our bodies are exposed to sunlight containing vitamin D. In addition, accompanied by enough extra calcium.
  6. Relieves gout of the knee. When walking by using the right shoes, it is good to determine the quality of the cushion, besides adjusting the suitability of the anatomy of the foot.

That is the benefit of walking which is one way to maintain health easily and cheaply which has been proven since our ancestors.

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