Tips for Overcoming Difficulty to Eat Children

Children aged 1-5 years are usually very difficult when told to eat, because children want to always play and move a lot. This condition no doubt makes dizzy parents.

Below, we will explain some tips that parents can do so that children want to eat:

  1. Applying a child with the Son’s family usually has a tendency to imitate. With a child seeing both his parents or family eating, the child will be attracted to eat.
  2. Avoid children eating too much snacks Snack given to children is not too much, because this will result in the decline of the child’s appetite.
  3. Give food that children love The first thing a child sees when told to eat is a menu. Now as parents, we must be smart to serve food that children love.
  4. Make children feel happy first before eating The food menu that is served can be a means to ask children, because by interacting children will feel happy. For example, the menu served is vegetable broccoli, we can ask what color is the vegetable.
  5. Create food creations The form of food resembles a character or animal, so children are interested in eating it.
  6. Variation of food Give a variety of foods, so that children do not feel bored.
  7. Invite children to make food In this way, children will feel like tasting the dishes that he made.
  8. Feed children to feed children and let children play while eating, so children do not feel disturbed when playing.
  9. Give food in small portions When providing children’s food, make it a habit to give food in small portions but in frequency more often.
  10. Parents must be more patient Whatever the conditions and however the child’s attitude when told to eat, parents must be patient. Because children want to eat or not depend on us as parents.

So some tips that can be used to overcome children who have difficulty eating. If the child still does not want to eat, and we worry about the growth of the child, then immediately contact the pediatrician. Hopefully it can be a reference for parents who have children who have difficulty eating.…