Eliminating Head Lice Naturally

Head lice are small animals that are in the hair and cause itchy skin hair. Head lice are caused by several factors, one of which is the lack of maintaining head hygiene and also the result of being infected by mcfol someone who has been exposed to head lice first.

Not only itching, but hair lice also result in a decrease in the confidence of someone who experiences it. For treatment, you can use chemical fleas that circulate in the market, or you can use mcfol natural ingredients.

The following tips for removing head lice naturally without chemical drugs:

Comb tight or surly

If used routinely, the lice will disappear slowly, this is because the suri can get rid of the lice found in the hair to prevent breeding.

Coconut oil

Wet the hair with coconut oil, then cover with a towel. Do it want to sleep at night, leave it to wake up in the morning. Immediately after waking, rinse the hair with water like shampooing. Perform routine until the lice disappear.

Eucalyptus oil

Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil with 2 tsp of lime, then wipe it on the scalp while massage. Cover your head with a towel, leave it for one hour. Then rinse with water until clean. Do it until the mcfol lice are completely gone.

Red onion

Use the same as eucalyptus oil, which is by applying it to the scalp, cover with a towel, leave it for one hour. Then rinse with water until clean.

White vinegar

White vinegar is used to cleanse dirt and bacteria on the scalp, so that it can also be used to remove lice found in the hair. The trick is to wet the head with vinegar, leave it for 30 minutes. After that rinse thoroughly. Do routine until it’s completely gone.

Thus the natural way to get rid of fleas found in hair, may be mcfol useful for you.

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