How To Make Tasty And Correct Risoles

If it’s still lacking what snack box do you want to fill? risoles the right choice as contents. Because in addition to taste good, these snacks are liked by almost all people, both young and old children. It is also suitable for food snacks in any event, risoles as well as how to make it is not difficult and complicated.

Risoles will taste good if the way they are made is good and correct. Following are the steps that must be considered if you want to make tasty and correct risoles:


Risoles leather is very simple. Consisting of flour, eggs, and solution. The solution used can be water, it can also be a solution that uses milk. If you want to add flavor, you should use the milk solution, because risoles will be soft, soft, and moist. Good skin risoles are dough must be runny and slippery so that the skin becomes thin and supple, if the bergerindil the dough should be filtered.

Realize risoles

It’s good when you use the Teflon pan and spread the oil / margarine at the beginning of the awareness.

Wrap risoles

The content dough is placed in the middle, folding the left and right sides first and then the bottom. After that roll. Do not forget to glue it with a flour solution so that when it is fried it does not open / open.

Heated up

Can melt with a solution of flour / egg white and then rolled in panir flour. If you want a flat and not bald paniran – bald baldness can be done twice. Before paniran fried, let stand for a moment so that it sticks properly.


When you want to fry it is better to use a flat pan, and also too much oil. Heat the oil until it is rather hot, the goal is that the mixture is not fried too long, just as long as it makes it brown and fried with risoles for too long, the risoles may break.

That is the step – steps that must be considered to make tasty and correct risoles. May be useful.

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