Red Guava Rich in Benefits

Red guava, plants that can be planted in the field / fields are many branching shrubs. Usually people like soft flesh, thick, sweet taste, and have little seed. Vitamin A compared to other types of fruit such as sweet orange. 2x-fold guava vitamin C content. Vitamin C in guava is very good as an antioxidant. Most are concentrated in the skin and the flesh is soft and thick on the outside.

Red guava is best consumed when the fruit is ripe because at that time the vitamin C content is high. In addition to vitamin C this fruit is also rich in fiber, especially pectin (water soluble fiber) which can be used as a gel or jelly.

Where the other benefits of pectin are to lower cholesterol, which is to bind cholesterol and bile acids in the body to help with their expenditure. In addition, it can also reduce total cholesterol and blood triglycerides and blood pressure in essential hypertensive patients.

Guava reduces the risk of heart disease by 16%, because it contains potassium which functions to increase the regularity of the heart rate, activate muscle contraction, regulate the delivery of other nutrients to the body’s cells, control fluid balance in the tissues and cells of the body. Guava which is processed into juice is often used by people with dengue fever to increase platelet levels.

In guava there is also lycopene which is a potential non-nutrient other than fiber. Lycopene is caratenoid (an important pigment in plants) contained in the blood, and has anti-oxidant activity. This guava also has the effect of providing protection to the body from several types of cancer.

Another benefit of frequent consumption of red guava fruit is that it can strengthen the body’s resistance to disease attacks, improve the health of gums, teeth, and capillaries and help iron absorption and wound healing, while also functioning as an anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal and stop bleeding.

Guava can be consumed directly but more delicious guava is processed into juice. Because with processed juices, the seeds in the fruit can easily be removed. Those are some of the benefits of red guava. Hopefully it can make the spirit to consume it.

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