Sex Benefits for Health

Sex, maybe many of us who see it is only a mere fulfillment of needs. Some even consider it a taboo thing to talk about. But it turns out that sexual activity has benefits that can improve the quality of life and health, both physically and psychologically.

Good, right and regular sex activities will get various benefits. It is not mere talk, but is the result of research supported by scientific evidence. Here are some of the benefits that can be gained from sex activities, including:

Can increase self-confidence

Because good and true sex activities are what can make them feel satisfied so that his life feels happy which impacts on self-confidence

Endurance increases

Good sexual activity can indicate good physical health. All of that if the quality of sex together is prioritized / reaches orgasm. Because orgasm can increase the number of cells that block infections by 20%. Because if sex is done once / twice a week can increase antibodies called immunoglobin A or Ig A. Which can protect our bodies from flu attacks and infections.

Relieves stress

According to published research concluded that routine sex activity can be associated with low diastolic pressure. In addition, according to other research, the main benefits of sexual activity are being able to reduce blood pressure and when making a bonding hormone (oxytocin) which is often associated with a life increase of up to 7 years. Functioning oxytocin can also encourage longevity and tend not to be susceptible to chronic diseases and depression.

Can burn calories

Sex activities that can reach 1x orgasm can flood the body with chemicals. If you have sex for 13 minutes. It can burn about 85 more calories. This amount may not be much, but if it is counted if done at least 42x in one dollar (once a month) means that it has burned 3,570 more calories than enough to reduce the ½ kg body weight.

Can nourish the heart and blood vessels

According to researchers doing sex 1/2 times a week can reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks by 50% in men, compared to those who have sex less than once a month. Besides making love at least once a week will maintain hormones, heart and brain in the best condition. Although there is a worrying myth that the energy released during sexual activity can trigger strokes, according to the study, the assumption is not true.

Can improve intimacy

Good sex will make couples feel satisfied and happy. Besides doing sex and orgasm will increase the hormone oxytocin or also called the hormone love / hormone bonding.

Improve sleep quality

According to research, oxytocin released during orgasm can stimulate drowsiness. That way sleep is enough. Health will also be better because blood pressure and weight are maintained.

Can reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Sex activity can be used as an instrument to protect men and women from cancer. A researcher revealed that regular ejaculation will reduce the risk of prostate cancer in the elderly. For women who are diligent in making love are at less risk of developing breast cancer.

Reduce pain

The hormone oxytocin can have a subside effect from headaches / arthritis or premenstrual symptoms after sex. Even though sexual activities have many benefits, it would be good for those who are married.

That is the benefit of sex for health, hopefully it is useful for couples to increase knowledge about sex.

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