Some Ways to Save Energy Fridge

Trivial actions at home can have fatal consequences such as letting the cellphone charger in plug, television or DVD always stand by, or using the wrong refrigerator. This is unwittingly the electricity bill swells. Indeed saving energy at home will put a brake on overall energy consumption.

Here are some ways to save electricity from using a refrigerator:

  • Do not open the refrigerator if it is not needed because it will form ice cubes that require more energy consumption.
  • Buy a new refrigerator that can save up to 40 percent electricity like a refrigerator that has an automatic energy saving and defrost feature.
  • Choose a refrigerator that has both coolant and freezer to reduce power requirements.
  • Do not set the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer too cold. Don’t put hot food or drinks into it.
  • Make sure the rubber insulation works well so that the refrigerator is perfectly closed and the refrigerator temperature is stable.
  • Arrange stuff in the refrigerator in such a way that items are easily taken so that heat and humidity can be avoided.
  • Turn off the refrigerator when traveling for a long time and leave it open so it is not moldy.

So how to save energy in the refrigerator of your home. Hopefully you can take advantage of it.

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