Traditional Medicine Cures Gout

Walking is an activity that we must live in our lives a day, whether we are exercising, shopping, or doing our daily activities at home. The walk feels good when the two legs don’t experience the slightest disturbance. Disorders that usually occur in the legs are usually pain.

We sometimes ignore the pain if walking is the main demand for a job because the pain comes away. We can feel the usual pain, but if the feeling hurts to the knee, try testing in the laboratory.

If high levels of uric acid can attack gout. Uric acid levels are normally 2-5 mg%. If such activity becomes disturbed, patients can only lie down because to wake up the pain is so whacking, you should stop consuming melinjo, cabbage, and other high protein foods.

Gout can occur due to the effects of kidney disorders because the use of drugs is too long for other diseases such as rheumatism. Unlimited use results in kidney damage due to poisoning from chemical drugs. From examinations usually given various types of drugs to overcome them. The medicine must be taken continuously because if it is not drunk the bone joints will return to throbbing.

Taking drugs is very reasonable to treat an illness. But if you consume it in the long term / many years it will cause other effects such as pain in the stomach aka mag, the digestive system is disrupted, such as every meal of the stomach rice feels bloated and swollen and difficult to defecate. Gout that does not heal / chronic can produce a verdict of bone cancer.

If you use chemical drugs that have not been cured, the alternative alternative is to try healing with traditional medicines. The following recipes can be tried to cure gout. Materials that need to be prepared are:

  1. Bitter leaf
  2. Tempuyung
  3. Cushion
  4. Cat whiskers
  5. Consideration
  6. Gotu Kola

(each material was taken 1 handful plus 2-3 sizes of thumb add 3 liters of water).


All ingredients are boiled. Leave it to half. Cooking water is taken 3 times a day, 1 cup each.

Thus alternative medicine to cure gout, hopefully useful.

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