Understanding and Benefits of Ultrasound

Ultrasound or ultrasonography is a device that emits the transmission of ultrasound sound waves (high frequency around 2 MHz-10 MHz). The echo of sound waves that the computer translates into an image on the monitor screen creates a picture and behavior of the fetus.

Ordinary people only know the function of ultrasound is only to know the sex. Even though we know that USG has various functions and benefits, including:

In the first trimester

to confirm whether a woman is really pregnant or not.
to determine the age of pregnancy and the estimated day of birth of the prospective baby.
Knowing how many fetuses are conceived like one or twins.
Knowing the position of the fetus whether outside or in the womb
To know the movement of the fetus and heart rate

In the second trimester

To measure the length of the cervix
Determine the location, condition of the placenta and size of the fetus.
Determine the location of the fetus whether breech or not.
To determine the condition and amount of amniotic fluid.
To observe conditions through their activities.
To see whether there are abnormalities in the brain, cataracts on the eyeball, hydrocephalus, heart cavity and so on.

On the third trimester

To find out the size, position and condition of the umbilical cord.
Know the situation and place of placenta.
Determine the estimated birth, detect the amount of amniotic fluid.
That is the understanding and benefits of USG. Congratulations on checking, hopefully the fetus that is conceived is always healthy.

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