Top 10 Most Popular European Pornstars 2019

When we talk or watch European pornstars, if you watch every one of them surely it will make you going into some kind of maddnes, one way to explaining is you could say they all are fucking sharp, what we mean is they appear that they can felt so defenseless and felt like you will throw a white flag when you are in bed with them.

They are so dominating, like they are fully in charge of everything.

Since we’ve already published some of our favourite United Kingdom pornstars before and that resulting every list in here are pretty much all europe beside United Kingdom, get the information.

Aletta Ocean

Alleta, almost similar with some the girls in this list whom has featured in our blog earlier before, with her best fake tits, she is now rule several tubes and rapidly increasing her popularity day by day.

That Hungarian face of her, making all men to ever watch her never felt disappointed after watch her videos.

Rita Faltoyano

Rita was born in Budapest 39 year ago, and she had entered the adult movies industry way back since we could remember, she is like goddess and has the euro looks that so lovelable.

And if there is a list regarding hottest European pornstars and she did not make an appearance, it was not worth reading.

One thing that surely always good to remember from her are that nice amazing pair of tits, so suckable nipples makes you horny, right?

Anna Polina

She is one hell of a beautiful Russian girls, she has a great amazing body, those big fake tits made her even more amazing.

But unfortunately she is not that productive in the adult movies industry, so you guys might have to do a scavenger hunts to search her videos European pornstars.

But we know somehow that her productiveness still on in the porn industry so just hope we still going to see her more often.

Sophie Sweet

Yet another Hongarian girls in our list.

Sophie is one of a well-known hot blonde pornstar.

believe that her quality as a adult artist are excellent, a amazing body, amazing breasts, an the mind and the looks that could make you could not blikn your eyes even for a second.

However, she does every segments are lesbian scenes, but it does not mean she does not do scene with male and she pleases us, as guys, with two penetrations and ass sex segments, it is your dirty girl, right?

Jasmine Rouge

Originated from Romania, this hot 30 years old babe, Jasmine, we could say she is one of the sexiest silver haired adult artist, but somehow she did not made onto the list, because she was a little bit less active from the others in the list.

But for euro lovers out there, she has provided with several hot scenes, specially when linked to her butthole sex segments are extremely hot, our deepest regret that she did the anal scene, she did it only with the spouse, that resulting the scene became quite dull.

Brigitta Bulgari

Another lovely eastern european pornstar, Brigitta, maybe only been featured around 30 movies.

But don’t worry, she will not disappointed you guys, she is a damn seriously hot, a few of you might see her covering an soccer match in europe and she rally born to became an adult artist in europe.

Well just in case haven’t watch any videos of her yet, S & G strongly ask you to go watch the video now.

Silvia Saint

Silvia, a lovely lady from somewhere in Estaern Europe already been very long in the adult movie industry, we think she has been appeared in almost around 300 movies or scenes, whether it was online or offline, way before internet is the the place where you found these kind of thing just for a damn good reason.

That pretty face, of course those natural big tits and curvy body, she undoubtedly is the sexiest and the most glamorous adult artist we could say ever recently.

Anjelica AKA Krystal Boyd

She has appeared before in our list, she is might be the sexiest and thinest pornstar in the porn industry there recent years.

She could made our knees became so weak, which is unusual because we like always preferred a big boobs ladies.

Maybe because of her cute face that looks so innocent, amazing one grip sized pair of tits, and that tight ass, and she is a Russian girls, which basically a Russian girl is well known for making a every men felt joyful.

Black Angelika

Well, this babe was amazingly successful at the adult movies industry, she has been performing in almost over 140 videos and has won two awards in category for best newcomer actress in Europe, in every of her videos than you will know the reasons why she is so damn popular these days, because she is a a dazzled actress, and with the age of 27 surely there’s a bright future ahead of her.

Cross your fingers guys.

Sandra Romain

With her appearance in almost around 700 porn movies and win 7 awards during her career, made her a porn veteran, who really undertsand to make a man happy.

Born in Romania almost 40 years ago, now she has been staying in America, also appeared in some major porn studios and made her a quite networking in the adult movies network.

She has been working with siblings, Alice Romain, that also a adult movies artist, making her as a top pornstar today.

Jana Cova

Czech Republic, is like a home for a demigod and a sexy ones, since almost from there the girls are that we wrote originated.

And Jana, surely earn a spot here among them also.

Well, what’s not to love from her, pretty face eastern Europe style, amazing pair of natural tits, with perky and pinky nipple, sexy legs and those European accent of hers made her more attractive, but unfortunately she just do a bisexual scenes only.